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International Yoga Day

Ever since it’s inception in 2015, the 21st of June has been International Yoga Day.

Yoga is known for its long list of benefits including the mental well-being aspect.  It is a beautiful, ancient practice that originated in India. It was interred into the West in the 20th century and is now enjoyed world-wide.

Yoga can be enjoyed by anyone, of any body type. There are different approaches to yoga that are adapted for the plus size body, baby yoga and Yoga for injuries and stiff muscles.

I started doing yoga after my health took a decline in 2016. I wanted exercise that would help my body feel stronger without having to be too strenuous and I’ve gotta say, I loved it. I’ve never taken such a deep, wholesome breath as I have when doing yoga and as someone with anxiety, taking deep breaths is amazing. 

There’s something amazingly spiritual about Yoga and the process of having an experience with your body. There’s no aspect of throwing your body around, it’s about feeling every inch of what you’re doing and learning control and flexibility.

Doing Yoga outdoors in summer is the best experience, as you almost feel in touch with your environment – its like a form of moving meditation.


Below are some links and pose ideas I gathered together to get any newbies started!

Take care.

I hope these get you started!


*disclaimer: none of these affiliate links, I earn nothing from you clicking them! Enjoy!



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