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International Body Piercing day

June 28th is International Body Piercing day. Piercing is a form of body modification that is incredibly popular and shared by both genders and all kinds of people.

According to Wikipedia (clearly the source of all knowledge ever) there’s no set evidence as to when body piercing actually began. What we do know is that it dates back to ancient times with nipple piercing going back at least as far as Ancient Rome. Piercing in general became heavily practiced and mainstreamed in the 1990’s in the West.

Indian Hindu women still wear nose studs in the left nostril as is customary in their culture. Nose jewelry was used in some Ancient Civilizations (such as Mayan) as a symbolism of wealth.

These days body piercing and modification in general is all about self-expression and rebelling against normality and society.

I personally have piercings and have had them since I was a young teenager. My reasons were definitely for self expression and to be a ‘cool kid’ in high school. I thought of myself as somewhat of a Goth, so clearly I needed piercings to demonstrate how against normality I was.

As an adult, I still have piercings. I have a Daith (inner ear)  and two nose piercings.  Nowadays, it’s more about the aesthetic value than being rebellious as some of the jewelry is gorgeous.

I’ll probably continue to have piercings until my dying day, and will let my kids explore that aspect of themselves too.

Though I’ll enforce what my dad always said; “You’re not piercing your face!”

And then I pierced my face.


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