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National Compliment Your Mirror Day

July 3rd is National Compliment Your Mirror Day and I am all about this. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about Body Positivity and Self-Love. I frequently have what I call ”Self Dates” when my partner isn’t around, where I basically cook myself a meal, find something good to watch and cosy up. Or alternatively commit myself to a good thinking session where I decide what I want to do next in my life.

It isn’t selfish to commit time to yourself. I really believe in having a relationship with yourself that goes beyond the whole “love yourself first” thing. Which, of course you should love yourself first, but beyond that, there’s also a daily commitment to yourself that can be so rewarding.

Just the commitment to the idea that you are worth your own time can be cathartic and therapeutic. It can help enhance your confidence because after-all, if you’re not worth your own time, why would you be worth anyone elses? (You are always worth people’s time, even without self-love, but it helps enhance what you put out into the world)

Elephant Journal have a great article to get anyone started with self love.

National Compliment Your Mirror Day is a day for the practice of telling yourself something nice about yourself in the mirror. Positive affirmations pay off, you can slowly change your perception of yourself in time if you allow yourself to.

So, on a day that is all about self-love, here is a list of ways to perform self-care and self love!


  • Have days  without social media

This is a hard one these days, but the constant influx of information (and most often, negative) isn’t good for us in regards to staying in touch with our own minds.

  • Yoga

Yoga is cathartic and balancing. It feels amazing on the body and helps clear the mind. My post about International Yoga Day has some handy links at the bottom to get you started!

  • Reach out

If you’re struggling, there are resources out there that can and will help. I made a list of resources for online services or UK based helplines.

  • Positive Affirmations

“I deserve good things”  “I am a good person”  “I am worthwhile”  “I love — about myself”  “I like — part of my body”

Positive Affirmations really work, learn to be kind to yourself!

  • Eat something nutritional and wholesome

Comfort food is great. I highly recommend making space in your diet for it on those days that just wont quit. However, I also recommend getting colourful, rich foods into your body because it can heighten your mood and make you feel stronger. Try to get as many colourful veggies on your plate as you can!

  • Do something you love

Commit time to the thing you love doing. I used to feel guilty spending a day or two a week gaming or painting for hours until my partner told me off because, well, why was I feeling guilty? Those are the things I enjoy and I had free time to enjoy them!

  • Change your script; don’t let a bad morning be a bad day

Be willing to restart your day 10 times if you have to, but let a bad patch of day be exactly that – a bad patch! You don’t have to carry negatives throughout your whole day if you don’t want to, let the morning suck and move forward.

  • Rest

Sometimes self-care is just about sitting still and enjoying comfort and peace.

  • Allow yourself to be bad at things

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read is to allow myself to be bad at things. A lot of insecurity in my life came from fear of failure or fear of embarrassment. Learning to go into things knowing you’re going to do it badly and that’s okay has helped me heaps. Take the pressure off of your shoulders, be bad at something and let yourself learn and be okay with it!

  • Only tell yourself things that you’d want to be true 

Tell yourself you’re a success. Tell yourself you look beautiful today. Tell yourself you’re trying hard this week and you’re proud of you. Chances are, these things are true, but put out into the world what you want to be true. Trust me, it helps build towards it!


So that’s a small list of ways to start on self care on this National Compliment the Mirror day. Do you practice self care? If so, how?



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