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Cancer and Inspiration

There’s a lot of sentences like ‘Cancer is a monster’, or that it is ‘Evil’ and unforgiving. Until it touches your life, you agree that yes, it is a monster. It is evil. When it’s a part of your life you don’t hate it, you don’t want to shout at it or be angered. Something quiet settles over your life and gently, you will it to go away. You pray the next appointment will bear good news and the weeks between those appointment’s feel like the longest of your life. You slowly settle into this being a part of your life, and that’s okay because the person is here, they’re well.

Initially, you’re given a lot of words you don’t understand like “grades” and “stages” – over time these words make more sense. They don’t mean the end, they don’t mean terminal.

A close family member has been diagnosed with Cancer of the womb and it’s incurable in its entirety, but not terminal. We’re of the belief that this is something she will live with long term, and a whole new drive has taken over our family to drive her health to the best it can be.

My partner and I decided together, we don’t want to get to her age and then need the health kick (she’s 47), so we’re on the bandwagon.

We’re getting an allotment to grow organic vegetables, getting chickens for eggs, and cutting out processed foods and forcing more exercise into our lives. I’m 24 and that isn’t too young for cancer to touch my own life. It’s not about those foods keeping Cancer at bay or curing Cancer, it’s about being in the best position of health we could possibly be should we ever get ill ourselves.

There’s something inspiring about Cancer in a strange way, it reminds you that you want to live your life. It reminds you there’s things to do, places to go. It reminds you to stop wasting your time but in a healthy way, rather than, “I’ll only live once, lets eat a burger.”

That ‘I’ll only live once’ becomes about climbing mountains and hitting goals. It’s not bucket listing because ‘you’ve got cancer’ doesn’t mean the end. It’s about dragging the best out of your life because control can be taken away at any time.

I’m inspired by our Aunties Cancer. I’m inspired by her bravery to live her life regardless and to just ‘be’. I’m inspired to live my own life, and strive for the things I keep saying I want to do.

I’m inspired to try, to forgive, to cut my losses, to thrive, to know when to stop, to know when to start, to let go, to not sweat it.


Life is for living, and I’m done wasting it.




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