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Overcoming writers block as a blogger

There’s been a couple of times I’ve started (or thought about starting) a blog over the years. I’ve had small successes in the past, but life takes over and your blog takes a back-seat when you’re young and not passionate enough.

This blog, although in it’s early days, is my passion – I wouldn’t say that makes it easier, though.

Writers block happens to the best of us, and with life’s natural ups and downs a blog goes through those too. This is especially true if your blog is a lifestyle or personal blog.

Even now as I sit and type, I’m mulling over what I’m going to write next. My problem isn’t that I don’t have ideas.. It’s that I have too many. Organizing those thoughts into coherence is my biggest time consumer for this blog.

There’s a wealth of ideas out there online of what to write about, but that doesn’t always help when it comes to typing it out!

Below are handy tips I’ve learned and gathered in my time blogging!



  • Write about you

If your blog is a personal-themed blog, write about your life. Write about things that happen day-to-day from your perspective that people can relate to. People like knowing they’re not alone in their experiences.


  • Write what’s relevant

If your blog is strictly about cooking, don’t tell your audience how to use HTML or the best carpet cleaners around. The exception would be things that help you cook, i.e, the best baking trays. The best way to grow your own veg to cook. The best ovens, etc.


  • Don’t be afraid to branch out

To enhance on the last point, if your blog isn’t strictly about one subject, don’t be afraid to juggle several. There’s no rules to say you’re boxed into one area, especially if the areas can piggyback onto each other.


  • You don’t have to write daily 

Writing daily leads to a very quick burnout (this is one I learned very quickly) unless you’re running a 365 blog that you can plan ahead and easily. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’ve hit your peak 2 months in – especially if you want your blog to be your job. A couple times a week will more than suffice, especially once you’re up and running properly.


  • Don’t be afraid to comment on current affairs 

If you feel you have a perspective to add or an opinion people can relate to, go ahead and share it. There’s a lot going on in the world to talk about and people are interested in your average person’s opinion.


  • Write, write, write

But, how are you supposed to just… write, when you have writer’s block?! Well, one of the first things you learn as a Creative Writing student is simply that. Just put pen to paper, clear your mind… and write. It doesn’t matter if it’s garbage at first, get the ideas flowing – something will grow from that garbage that works and might just be your next great post. Get yourself familiar with just sitting to write at a designated time!

  • Read other blogs; get involved

This one is fairly obvious if you’ve been blogging for a while. Reading other people’s work is not only inspiring, it is also the way to help build the community. There’s a saying in blogging, “Community, not competition” – other bloggers are your community, they’re not people to be better than. Reading their work will show you what works and give you ideas. Many blogs want guest writers too which is a great way to get your blog noticed.

  • Let bloggers guest write for you 

Newbie and oldie bloggers benefit from guest posting, so it’s definitely a worthwhile thing to take part in. It helps build your blog, and theirs. Win-win!


I also put together a short, handy list of other people’s posts that might help anyone struggling with Blog Block!


I hope this helps any bloggers out there who are hesitating or struggling to write. it happens to the best (and the rest) of us!



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